“a women with many faces and talents”

Hi, my name is Ianja

.... and one of my passions is to make the

magic & the depth of life visible.

One of those who believe in the

good, in wonder, in limitlessness

& unconditionality.

I'm here to make the world into a better one and

celebrate to support others - to do the same.

About and beyond

Ianja is here to be real, to be authentic and fully transparent.

Her main message is: " Come out of your fake, it's time to be real." She would say that with all her softness and love.

She is a creative bridge between ancient wisdom and modern reality. A Creatrix and Visioneer and a multitalented women you don't often see.

Through her eyes, she lets you remember your divinity. A woman who craves integrity and lives her life purpose.

An Artist Soul

As a designer for visual Marketing and half a Cabinet maker, I started to travel at 25 years old and did my own thing... A shaman lady who I met in Costa Rica taught me for the past 4 years and gave me all tools for an orientation in life and the

base for my spiritual creation in our society.

I love to play on many stages at the same time.

The very main thing I truly just passionate about is to develop myself, to rewire my brain and to free up my Soul. To be honest enough to myself and others to be real.

There is so much chaos outside, I feel it is important to step into our real power. Our very own truthfulness, away from confusion and illusion.

And yes, there are so many ways to express our self. I love to write and philosophise. To philosophise about life, our existence, about energy and frequencys.

Every now and then you can see me painting

a picture, or you will find me in the kitchen, lost in

the world of spices, scents and colours.

Or may I'm just on the way to climb a

mountain or disappear for hours and lose

myself in the infinity of the sea.

And Gosh!

I love Trail running !

As a Yoga teacher I enjoy to feel the flow

of life and to pay attention to the importance of

the human body, to take care of it - our adventure vehicle.

... and I love music...and dancing...and ....

Yes, I truly love to enjoy life with all its complexity and variety. With all its depth and wonder. I hope my excitement and exploring never will find an end.

Above all, it is my perspective and thus my real passion to recognise, perceive, live

and express the depth of all things that exist around me.

It is a decision to be a good and generous human.

I love to work with our increasing technology and to thread the ancient wisdom of different cultures into our modern reality.

Time to write the future's history.

Time to be

She says: "We have come here to free the planet from the sticky and

grey patterns of the thought level.

That is the sickness that covers the world, that covers us.

Our addiction, our suffering.

There are many paths we can go, most of them like Buddha,

Jesus and Moses have exemplified possibilities and

gave us a direction, a fundament.

Buuuut somehow,

we just didn't really get the message,

it seems like we like to suffer. Or maybe we just really enjoy to make

it complicated with the most drama possible ."

She smiles:

"No, I know we just don't have the full consciousness, not everyone.

But we will get there - to see our truth.

It is up to us whether we are able to be honest enough,

to free ourselves up. And not just to pretend to be brave,

but truly to be brave and to face our fakes.

Behind all the veils hides true love and connectedness...

Wholeness. Behind the veils we remember what we really are, our divine existence.

We truly arrived in an incredibly exciting time,

in a time where we can just choose one of the many options.

I'ts all coming, we can lay back and allow.

You know, when you are present, you are. In this state of existence the grey fog around and in us just releases itself. It's easy, we just have to be honest."