Time to come out and get seen

What could be more beautiful than supporting people and companies

who believes in the good?

People who behind the "We are all one story" stay.

Giving themselves to be there for each other, to support each other. To open the awareness of our existence and to grow together... ? Seems like a really good job...

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Esther - Maria

One of those incredible unique souls - a wisdom keeper.

Creatrix from Inner Alchemy. A 40 weeks journey to yourself,

through the

knowledge of the ancient generations.

Over 20 years of experience in the area of personality development is one of the wonderful beings that combines modern reality and ancient knowledge.

Download her App Aparaba and find yourself!

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Retreat Centre

The Founder Heidi and Joe Veraa are incredibly inspiring people.

The two not only talk, they also do. With the building of the Ayurvedic retreat Centre the both

create the dream of there life.

As Heidi says, it's a place to take a deep pause, a deep rest and to create

a new path of a vitality and health.

Sundara Retreat is set on an energized 75-acres of koala habitat land set in the

hinterland of Noosa, Queensland, Australia

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“If you want to be successful, stay upright and truthful, walk with compassion and love”

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Hood Hammond

Like a real one.

Aurora is not only a sound healer, she ran a university in Sydney for many years and has always worked in the holistic pyschotherapist / counselor with 40 yrs + experience. She runs workshops and groups on personal growth,mindfulness

& quantum awareness.

She combines science and facts with spiritual wisdom and she is definitely one of the most impressive people I have ever seen.

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