“Do you ask yourself your whole life long what your diamond is - your life purpose and don't know how to get there?

...The wonderful thing, its all already there.”

Time to be free...

I walked the path and now it is my absolute pleasure to lead you, on your very own way. I collect all my experience and wisdom from the last ten years and create a remarkable 3 month journey.

A Journey to yourself. After this 3 month, nothing gonna be the same anymore.

A life full of possibilities, joy, creativity and infinite love is waiting of you...

This Journey includes

  • A Workbook as support and orientation.
  • A weekly online meeting in a small group.
  • 5 Life calls with me.
  • Quantum Physics an Ancient Wisdom.
  • Handling of Emotions.
  • Rewiring of your belief system.
  • Leaded meditations and Visualisations.
  • Releasing of stucking emotions through Yoga and other Body movements.
  • Daily practises to integrate acceptance.
  • Cleansing's
  • Wisdom about your phisical body, as well about your energetic body's.

Hello beautiful Soul

This program is just for you - A three month Journey to yourself.


To remember your truth, your inner love, joy and happiness.

For whatever reason we lost our connection to our self at some point.

... and one thing is clear, far too many of us walk around disoriented, hopeless and without self-belief. Beliefe me, you are not alone !

I lived that long enough too.

But hey, let it rebel and say loud and clear:

"It's time to wake up!"

We have slept long enough, it is time to take our lives into our own hands and to reawaken our birthright of pure love and infinity. It is time to empower us, to stay focused with clarity and self-worth in life and to steer the spiral back into the upward movement !

If we learn to stand in our strength, then we have the opportunity to create the life of our dreams. If we learn to love each other again, then we can really love and be loved. There is the place where you can find your truthfulness again.

It can be very exhausting not to be yourself. And one thing we truly know, we will not find fulfillment in the outside, it is in you.

I give you all the tools to find this fulfillment from within.

Most of the time things do not fall from the sky and the process of detachment and liberation can take time, but one thing is certain. It will be worth it.

So much Love to all of you, Ianja 💗