It's all about you.

Working with clients and photography brought me to the work of website devolepment. This project is relatively new and started almost a year ago.

My talent is to see and feel your talents. Your essence and the essence of your idea or your already existing project. It is so naturally for me to see your beauty.

On this way I support you in seeing, accepting, and expressing your divinity in our modern reality. With a lot of sensitivity and fine-tuning, I work skilfully to present your very individual energy.

Pricing and offer

The prices vary a lot from what you need for your project. Do you need a simple website to present yourself and your work? Or did you would like to offer an online course? Do you need a membership login or a shop? 

Depending on the complexity, a simple 4-page website starts at $ 1200 and can build up to $ 5000. I would recommend you to tell me about your project, so I can give you the more detailed information.

In all cases you got my full support, even you dont know how exactly it will look like. I create worksheets to organise the content and movement of your website.

I also offer different extra services as logo design, branding and photography.

“Love what you do - do what you love”